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This is an artistic reproduction in terracotta of an impasto Oinochoe with handle, graffiti and trilobate rim. This reproduction is made entirely by hand, turned and aged by local artists. To obtain this result, the local master potters had to make many attempts to reproduce these vases.

They are also artificially patinated by hand to give the object an "antique" effect, even if the decorations imitate the originals of the vases found in the Etruscan tombs of Cerveteri and other Etruscan necropolises, they are the result of the work and ingenuity of every master potter, and each work is unique and different from the other, they may seem similar but they are not.

The oinochoe (in ancient Greek οἰνοχόη, from οἶνος "wine" and χέω "to pour") is a jar similar to a pitcher, used to pour wine or water. Already used in the pre-Hellenic period, examples are known both in metal and in terracotta and in the great variety of shapes that this vase has assumed, crossing the geometric and orientalizing, to reach the Attic black figures and at the end of the red figures. The oinochoe is characterized by an oval body, more or less elongated, with a single handle, and has a variable height from 20 to 40 cm .. [source wikipedia]

This OINOCHOE reproduction of IMPASTO graffito with handle and trilobal hem is 23 cm high, with a 4 cm foot and 13 cm edge, with handmade artificial patination, like everything else, reference number 23

This is a unique piece, entirely turned, graffitied, baked and patinated by hand.

This reproduction travels with a certificate issued by our shop where it is certified that this vase is an artistic reproduction of an Oinochoe impasto vase, in the certificate there are photos of the vase, the day of purchase and the receipt or invoice number ( on request).

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