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- Two switchable channels (Ch1/Ch2) to stop interference between detectorists
 - Foldable Backphone type wireless headphone
 - Sound quality matches wired headphones
 - Digital microprocessor transmission
 - with no white noise or background hiss
 - Adjustable volume with memory
 - Compact and lightweight, only 70g! battery included
 - The headphones feature a charger connector and 3.5 mm audio socket to connect it to any other headphones
 - Built in extra flat rechargeable Lithium battery (7g), without memory effect
 - 50 hours battery life
 - Fast Lithium charger: 2 hours
 - Charge monitoring system and full charge LED
 - No external unit and no additional power supply for the transmitter, as it is already installed on the circuit board of new XP detectors (Available as an option for most previous XP models)
The earpiece can be removed !

The headphone's earpiece, which holds the miniature radio receiver and the Lithium battery, is fully independent and can be removed. It features a charger connector and a 3.5 mm audio jackplug socket.

Thanks to this socket you can use the receiver as a simple wireless receiver, and connect it to any other headphone. You can then place the receiver in your shirt pocket, for example.

The fact that the earpiece can be removed also means that you can replace the backphone without having to purchase a new earpiece and vice versa.

A digital audio connection for a sound quality identical to wired headphones !
 WS1 features two microprocessors, one for transmission and one for reception, enabling a wireless digital connection.
 Sound quality matches wired headphones with no white noise or background noise.

Fast charge Lithium batteries !
 WS1 was designed with a cutting edge extra flat rechargeable Lithium battery with a 50 hour battery life.
 Full charge in only 2 hours.

A charge monitoring system enables extended battery life and indicates full charge with an LED.
 This Lithium battery has no memory effect and can therefore be charged at any time, even if it is already partially charged.

Adjustable/Memorizable volume.

The receiver earpiece features an audio amplifier and two tactile keys to set the volume. The setting is memorised for future use.
 Two channels to prevent interference between two partners...

2 distinct frequency channels are available to prevent any possible interference between the two closest users.

However two users with the same channel can detect distant of 15 metres without interference.

Note: Your partner can hear the detection signal without moving, if he is using the same channel as you. Simply turn off his detector and their WS1 headphone will receive the signal from your transmitter if it is not too far from you.

Similarly, if you give your WS1 to your wife or children, they can take part in the detecting without having to stay next to you.

No more wires, means no more broken wires !

The WS1 gives you full freedom to move without running the risk of getting caught up in branches or pulling on the cable when bending down to dig

No more broken wires and no more costly replacements.


With seals moulded to its profile and end caps, the WS1 is splashproof. Headphone speakers are made of MYLAR and are also splashproof.

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