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Flat magnet 75 Kg. G-FTN-50 md1

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Flat magnet 75 Kg. G-FTN-50 md1
Magnet in steel pot with hook Ø 50 mm, pull of ca. 75 kg.
With this powerful magnetic hook you can hang heavy objects safely to ferromagnetic surfaces. The magnetic hooks unfold their full force of attraction at the bottom of thick steel beams where they can be loaded perpendicularly downwards. If fixed to a wall, however, they can be loaded much lesser extent.

Special features: These magnetic hooks are suitable for hanging objects. The hook can be unscrewed.
Principle: the powerful Neodymium magnets are embedded in a steel base. The base steel increases the strength of the magnet in the case in which the magnet rests on a metal support of a certain thickness. If there is no direct contact with the counterpart metal or if the iron sheet is thin, enamelled or rough, the magnets will have a less far reaching.
Shear stress: the attraction force indicated was measured perpendicular to the contact surface. To move the magnet sideways force is needed much less. Therefore, by using a magnet with a steel base on a wall, you will have a capacity much less than that which would occur using the same magnet on a ceiling.
Rust: These magnets are not stainless and are therefore only suitable for use in indoor environments not exposed to moisture.

Technical data sheet

• Material: NdFeB
• Base diameter: 50 mm
• Neck diameter: 15 mm
• Base height: 19 mm
• Total height without hook: 18 mm
• Total height with hook: 62 mm
• Thread: M8
• Width of the opening of the hook: 17 mm
• Internal diameter of the hook: 22 mm
• Tolerance: +/- 0.1 mm
• Coating: nickel (Ni)
• Magnetisation: N38
• Strength: 75 kg
• Maximum operating temperature: 80 ° C
• Weight: 170 gr.

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