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Racer Standard Makro - USED -

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Racer Makro - USED - Makro Racer standard used about 6 months, very well yet held as collateral, the photos are of metal detectors for sale
The new macro Racer is a metal detector with extreme performance, designed with the functions of the future, but characterized the days of today,
The good design, make the makro racer a device of good sensitivity and stability, able to work in soils with high value of mineralization,
with excellent protection against radio interference. Designed specifically for the detection of gold and coins, in all conditions.

methods of use: all metals, Tone Multitone, mineralized soil beach
reading stage floor
Reading% mineralization
variable gain
id filter variables
Threshold variable
variable frequency
tone audio variables
vibration mode
Modern display with target id 0-99 V.D.I
ergonomic and variable length of the rods
lightweight handy

The new digital detector makro

Beautiful lightweight powerful and effective.

A digital detector fully adjustable via a large display of brightness and color.

IB Technology - Operating at 14 kHz and VLF is a utility easily searchable hobby, fun for everyone.

Different modes of search, also suitable on the beaches

Automatic and manual

The optional headphones bluetooth place him at the forefront

product details
name Racer
manufacturer Makro Detector
Power 4 AA batteries da1.5 volts
Autonomy 35/40 hours
size from 120 to 140 cm
weight 1400g
type search motion
technology VLF ib balance
Ground Balance Auto / Manual / traking
operating frequency of 14 kHz
discrimination control audio
discrimination control video
control volume
no threshold control
multitone you
jack audio + optional bluetooth
pinpoint it with depth indicator
color LCD display
native watertight plate 29x18,5 cm (112x7 ')
Optional plates 40x33,5cm (15.5 "x13") and 26x14 cm (10 "x5.5")
29x18.5cm (11 "x7") and 13x12cm (5 "x4.5")
preferential use any terrain
sealed unit no
The Racer is a detector VFL following all the requests seekers invoke the manufacturers. A tool in the first place to look nice, light and agile use, full and immediate settings.
The racer uses the frequency classic and favorite of all the successful projects, the 14 kHz making it suitable for any research, and with the plates 4 is seldom prepared to operate in the best way in each context.
The excellent battery management enables reduced fuel consumption and indicates an excellent electronic instrument.
The large backlit color display and visible in bright sunlight is a feast for the eyes and greatly simplifies settings.
All controls are accessible from the thumb and then the settings can be made in the process of research.
The vibration function can detect signals in strong environmental noise pollution.







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