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X-terra 705 Minelab

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X-Terra 705

The X-TERRA 705 is the most advanced and versatile ADVENTURE detector configured especially for coin, treasure and artefact hunting.
The ultimate all-purpose X-TERRA 705 is very easy to use. Thanks to the dedicated Coin & Treasure and Prospecting modes, just choose what you would like to search for, and then start detecting.
With a large backlit LCD screen you can easily see all the important information needed
to identify the coins, artefacts and jewellery you have detected. With the most accurate
discrimination and maximum depth of the X-TERRA Series, Target ID Stability and many Ground Balance options, you will be recovering more valuable finds than you can possibly imagine. This lightweight ergonomically designed detector gives you better handling for long periods of time. The adjustable shaft and armrest allow you to setup your detector for maximum comfort.

2 detectors in 1! - Carry the one detector and switch from a coin and treasure detector to a gold detector at the press of a button. (Use the 18.75 kHz Double-D coils for prospecting).
Easy to use - switch on and go! - With four preset Discrimination Patterns, Iron Mask discrimination and automatic functions this detector is ideal for beginners through to expert users.
Coin & Treasure Mode -Ttell good targets from junk with the highest accuracy
With three different ways to tell good targets from junk: Target ID numbers, Target ID
Tones and a 28 segment Discrimination Scale, you’ll be the most productive and won’t
waste valuable detecting time digging up junk.
Accurate Ground Balance options to ‘see through the ground - Beat ground mineralisation with manual, automatic, and ground tracking options to find targets in mineralised ground that other detectors miss.
VFLEX Technology (3 frequencies - 3 kHz, 7.5 kHz, 18.75 kHz) - You can change the detector’s frequency by changing coils. This advanced digital technology gives you maximum versatility and performance.

  • Compatible with waterproof plates at various frequencies (3 kHz and 7 kHz 18.75 kHz). This means that the new Earth X-705 has the ability to mount seven different types of plate.
  • Technology VFLEX.
  • Balance ground automatic and manual.
  • Search Mode Coin, Treasure and Gold.
  • 4 models for search and customizable than the All Metal mode.
  • Iron Mask function.
  • Choice of 4 ID tones more multi-tone Target ID, 28 response options.
  • Setting a threshold for more precise identification of the target.
  • Two ways to pin-point: automatic sizing. With this new feature the user receives information on the objective characteristics, including size and shape. Variable tone and graphical indicator.
  • Noise canceling feature automatic and manual (5 digits).
  • Target ID stable and precise even in difficult areas (with high density of waste).
  • Scale of discrimination in 28 segments.
  • Backlit LCD screen for better visibility in low light conditions.
  • Indicator of the depth, continually updated, even in the Pin-Point mode.
  • Battery warning (audio and video).
  • Power supply: 4 x AA.
  • Innovative design, lightweight and balanced (it weighs only 1.3 kg).

Supplied by the plate 10.5 "(see the features and the photo tab plate ) medium (7.5 kHz) or high (18.75 kHz) frequency. For special needs you may require replacement of the plate others available.


Technology VFLEX. All models of X-Earth provide dependable performance (high sensitivity, stability) and better performance in harsh environments.
The X-Terra uses a digital technology that improves the standard single frequency technology. VFLEX The advantage of this technology is that it provides reliable performance and makes the metal detector free from outside interference using digital signal processing with calibrated analog circuits. With the technology of metal detector VFLEX frequency changes by changing the plate in use.
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