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SUMMER 2020 ORX Lite PROMOTION (22.5 cm HF plate + remote control) with the XP MI-6 pinpointer at a special price

ORX XPlorer, high technology to achieve exceptional research performance.
ORX is the metal detector for searching for small objects, particularly suitable for gold research, thanks to the standard high frequency plate.
ORX is an innovative metal detector in terms of design, as it offers a unique system based on different wireless elements that communicate via a digital radio link.
In this new design, the search plate and the remote control have been made independent of each other thanks to the integration of very compact high capacity lithium batteries.
The ultra-miniaturized electronic circuit, incorporated into the search plate, digitizes and analyzes the signals. The signal is processed at the source and not transmitted via a link, which greatly improves the quality of the data.
The integration of components from cutting-edge technologies such as scientific instrumentation has allowed us to produce a powerful, fast, light, compact and completely controllable digital metal detector.
Whether you are an experienced finder or a beginner, ORX allows you to decide whether or not to change its control settings. Powerful pre-configured factory programs allow all users to start searching immediately, while expert searchers can choose more advanced parameters through the intuitive interface.
Finally, the new XP patented shaft has the combined advantages of an S-shaped rod and a straight telescopic pole. It allows you to open or close the metal detector in a few seconds and to change the search plate in an instant.

The ORX 9 "HF Light version includes:
- research plate 9 "/ 22.5 cm HF
- Salvapiastra 22.5 cm
- TV remote
- plate refill clips
- 3 mini-B cable
- 1 mini-B cable
- new "S" light telescopic pole

Main features ORX
- HF search plate (21 frequencies between 13 and 81 kHz).
- Extreme sensitivity to small targets with high frequency 50kHz and 81 kHz.
- 4 factory programs: Gold Prospecting (x2) - Coins and Relic (x2), + 2 user.
- Fast wireless technology XP: Search plate - Remote control - MI-6.
- New ultralight "S" telescopic pole.
- Even lighter, weight only 770 grams (with remote control at the belt).
- Easy to use with user-friendly interface.
- Wireless connectivity with MI-6 pinpointer + advanced remote settings.
- Lithium batteries, autonomy of research up to 20 hours.
- Easy to load, with any certified USB charger or computer (optional USB XP charger).
- Available with choice of HF (High Frequency) search plate: round 22.5 cm (9 ") or elliptical 24 x 13 cm (9.5" x 5 ").
- Compatible with X35 search plates (22.5 cm / 28 x 34 cm / 28 cm).
- Software update (remote control via USB cable).
- Compatible with Go Mobile for mobile devices (coming in 2019).
- 5 year warranty - Made in France.

ORX settings
- 99 levels of sensitivity.
- 21 frequencies (from 13kHz to 81kHz).
- 99 levels of discrimination + 5 levels of IAR Discrimination in Gold programs.
- 20 threshold levels.
- 4 levels of reactivity.
- Iron tone with audio Pitch (ON / OFF)
- Ground balancing: manual adjustment from 60 to 90 or automatic (Fast Grab).
- Refusal of the land in SALT mode (rooms): 00-25
- 4 factory programs + 2 user programs.
- Iron target / probability ID.
- Pinpoint function with Target zoom.
- Compatible with Go-Terrain (incoming Smartphone app)


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