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The new Garrett Ace 400i is a versatile and powerful metal detector, suitable to operate on all terrains.
Than their predecessors of the ACE series has new and improved features such as frequency regulation, Digital Target ID and Iron Audio.

Frequency adjustment, Digital target ID and Iron Audio make the ACE 400i the best detector for a beginner seeker.

Garrett Pro-Pointer II makes it easier to find small objects in search areas. This highly sensitive Metal Detector centering device has the acoustic signal as an alarm indicator, and does not require calibration.
It is also equipped with an acoustic anti-loss alarm: if PRO-POINTER II is on but not used for more than 5 minutes, it emits an acoustic signal for 60 minutes.

The Expert's Comment:
- For research on land or dry beach
- For those who want to start with a complete and versatile tool
- Equipped with numerical identification of high resolution targets
- Suitable for beginners
- Simple to set up and use

• New features Iron Audio (New)
• Digital Target ID: the scale of 0 to 99 provides information on the objectives (New)
• High frequency of 10 kHz, which ensures better sensitivity on average conductive targets such as gold (New)
• Adjustable frequency, helps to eliminate interference (New)
• The auction locking system improves sensitivity (New)
• Toni Audio sharper and sharper response (New)
• Plate 8.5 "x 11" DD Proformance ™, waterproof, offers greater detection depth and soil cover
• Ability to distinguish interesting objects from sweepings (Iron Resolution) improved
• Pinpoint
• Scale of discrimination in segments
• 5 research mode (+ Pinpoint)
• 8 adjustments Sensitivity / Depth
• Depth indicator

Standard Equipment:
- Metal Detectors ACE 400i
- Coverplate 8.5x11 "
- Clear Sound Headphones
- Cover display
- Alkaline Batteries

Type of Use Multipurpose
No waterproofing
No diver
Weight 1,32 kg.
Auction Dimmable Yes
Minimum length Assembled 106 cm.
Assembled Maximum Length 129 cm.
Charging Batteries Not Included
4 x AA batteries
Headphones connector 1/4 "
Fixed Elbow rests
Strap Included Elbow Rests
Mounting Control Box Fixed
Number of Frequencies 1
Adjustable frequency 10 kHz
Warranty 2 Years
Instruction Manual in Italian
Video In English instructions
Plate size 8.5 x 11 "Proformance
Elliptical shaped plate
Type plate Drilled
Technology Plate DD
Interchangeable plate It
Waterproof plate It
Underwater plate It
Plates Optional Available
Type LCD display
Number of Search Mode 6
Type Mode Research Zero-Disc, Jewerly, Custom, Relics, Coins
Single Frequency VLF technology
Adjustable discrimination
Threshold N / A
Adjustable sensitivity
Balance of Land (Fixed) It
Balance of Land (Manual) No
Balance of Land (Auto) No
Subject identification (ID) is
Object ID Programmable It
Number of Segments Object ID 12
Depth indication is
Pinpoint It
volume Fixed
It tones Audio
Number of Toni Audio 3
Low Battery It
Functionality Exclusive Digital Target ID, Frequency Regulation

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