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ATX Deepseeker Package GARRETT

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ATX Deepseeker Package  Garrett
The new Garrett ATX is currently the most powerful Metal Detector Tone PI commercially and is suitable for experienced researchers.
 Suitable to operate in extreme conditions particularly, is ideal for research in highly mineralized ground and metal objects very small or very deep.

Maximum detection of all targets at the same time. It is not necessary to change the search mode to concentrate on a particular object detecting and discriminating against others.
Balance Advanced Land. ATX owns a wide range of balances, from highly mineralized ground to salt water, without changing search mode.
Exclusive design "DD" of the plate. Improves the detection of small objects without decreasing the speed of movement of the plate being scanned.
Motion and Non-Motion mode. Provide optimal detection performance, on the basis of personal search habits or environmental conditions.
Quick Check and Iron Discrimination Adjustable.
LED indicators. Indicate the strength of the signal and the settings applied.
Speaker. Integrated, offers the ability to search without using headphones.
Scanning Frequency. Automatic function to eliminate interference.
Audio retune. Automatically delete unwanted signals from data objects or environment.
Volume control. Adjustable to facilitate listening to signals deep or weak.
Key Features

• Circuit Type: Advanced Pulse Induction

• Discrimination: Adjustable, 25 settings

• Ground Balance: From land to highly ferrous salt waters

• Audio Threshold: Adjustable, 25 settings

• Frequency of detection: 730 pulses per second, adjustable

• Immersion depth: 3 meters

• Sensitivity, Depth Adjustment: 13

• Pinpoint: you

• Iron Quick Check: you

• Plate search 10 "x12" Proformance DD and 20" Deepseeker ,

• Headphones: Including Terrestrial standard

• Length: 51 to 172 cm

• Weight: 2.5 Kg

• Batteries: 8 AA included, Rechargeable batteries included

• Warranty: 2 years.

ATX Deepseeker Package

 • Metal Detector ATX
• Piastra di Ricerca 12"x10" DD
• Piastra di Ricerca 20" Deepseeker
• Cuffie Terrestri
• Borsa di Trasporto
• Valigia di Trasporto Rigida
• Cinghia
• Set batterie Alkaline
• Set batterie Ricaricabili
• Caricabatterie       

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