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BLISSTOOL V6 15 THE BEAST This version is supplied with coil 15"
BLISSTOOL V6 THE BEAST, professional metal detector with uncompromising performance, only dedicated to professional prospectors who have come from other Blisstool. Aesthetically it has the same adjustment of the traditional Blisstool, but offers unique features by using in combination certain potentiometers, offering performance that may embarrass the best metal detector pulse on the market ....
DETAILED REPORT for the improvements and new features of BLISSTOOL LTC64X v6 (THE BEAST).
Aesthetically, the new V6 versions are identical to the other versions, the differences are significant in the electronic card and the control functions. More performance, stability and discrimination. It's a different metal detectors and not an upgrade from previous versions.
Compared to the V5 version offers:
Better adaptability to any ground search with high mineralization content, at the beach searching, shore, dry sand and sand mineralized.
With Mode O R E: it is optimized for highly mineralized soils, rocks, hot rocks and soils contaminated with iron.
With SOIL mode: optimizes the work in soils with average mineralization and mineralized terrains dotted with rocks, mineralized sand beach and low mineralization.
With O R mode, the detection is extremely more responsive
Maximum depth of detection and comfort in looking at any of land circumstance
With automatic stabilizer with high degrees of stabilization
All other features are the same as V5
the v6 has the same extended range of discrimination as the V5 (DISCRIMINATOR III, II, I)
the V6 has the NORMAL mode (MAX FREQUENCY = 8.0 kHz) and TURBO / BOOST mode with frequency 7.4 kHz as V4 and V5 versions
the V6 the same commands as the versions V5, V4, V3, V2, but with several features with dual functionality on the following commands and GAIN GROUND FINE.
Using the GAIN knobs and FINE GROUND, the V6 has new features.
Unlike the versions V3, V4, V5, V6 in the GAIN potentiometers act in this way:
value GAIN potentiometer "0":
The V3, V4, V5 through the GAIN potentiometer can amplify the input signal of the object detected.
The V6 in the GAIN potentiometer has two functions: to move from HOUR mode SOIL, set to "MIN" value works in AT mode, set from "1" to MAX works in SOIL mode.
The HOUR mode is optimized for work in mineralized ground, hot rocks and stones and highly contaminated soil from iron, research mineralized sand. In this mode you will get better performance, greater stability and high speed detection, greater comfort in research.
The SOIL mode is optimized for soils with low or medium mineralization, soils with rocks and hot stones, the beach and sand with medium or low mineralization. When working in SOIL mode, you get extreme depths.
In SOIL mode, the maximum detection depth for a single coin with a diameter of 24mm is 58 cm (22.8 ") in normal mode and 66 cm (26") in TURBO / BOOST mode, with HOURS mode, the depth maximum detection for a single coin is approximately 30 cm, represent the purpose of the HOURS mode, that is to say: the work in heavy ground conditions, in which the work of the ground mode is impossible or very limited and difficult.
The maximum depth of detection to the highest speed of detection in the detection, in AT mode you are obtained when control settings are:
DISCR DETH "0" and DISCR LEVEL "0") in virtually All-Metal mode.
Therefore, to maintain these parameters, in particular in very heavy soil conditions, it is recommended to operate exactly with these settings.
In AT mode, in very difficult soil conditions, it is necessary to work in discrimination mode, the recommended settings are:
As a last resort, I recommend the following streams variations: DISCR DEPTH from "0" to "6" and DISCR LEVEL "0" "10"
In HOURS mode with the DISCR DEPTH settings to "0" and DISCR LEVEL to "0", the metal detector discriminates only in the surface layer to about 10-15 cm while maintaining a high depth of search similar to the All-Metal function. With the adjustments mentioned above, DISCR DEPTH to "0" and DISCR LEVEL to "0", the Blisstool V6 (THE BEAST) looks very much like a metal detector Pulse.
As described above, the settings in HOURS mode, with possible lower levels of recommended DISCR DEPTH relate mostly to the conditions of the very heavy soil, such as: highly mineralized soils, soils with a high content of mineral, highly mineralized sands. For the lightest conditions of land, in HOURS mode, may also be used the normal levels of discrimination (such as the settings: DISCR DEPTH = from 7 to 9, DISCR LEVEL = 3 to 6), which are generally more suitable for SOIL mode.
In AT mode, to get the quality of available-discrimination standard levels of discrimination in SOIL mode, DISCR DEPTH and DISCR LEVEL should be set to higher levels than their standard settings in SOIL mode.
In SOIL mode, when you work with high levels of GAIN it is advisable to work at possible lower levels of DISCR DEPTH and DISCR LEVEL and vice versa: when working with low levels of GAIN is advisable to work at higher levels of DISCR DEPTH and DISCR LEVEL .
In SOIL mode, the GAIN = 1-6 settings are best on ground with low mineralization and the media, while the GAIN settings = 7 to MAX are only suitable for low ground mineralization and are recommended only for very experienced users through the precision settings and skill in the metal detector sensitivity adjustment (via the GAIN potentiometers, THRESHOLD and SILENCER), with this extreme and greater amplification GAIN = 7 to MAX, you can achieve greater depth of detection in soils with low mineralization.
[02] FINE GROUND potentiometer:
In versions v5, v4, v3, the GROUND FINE potentiometer has only one function:
/ 1 / It acts as an additional setting (precision) of the balance manually. That is to say a small adjustment precision there.
In the v6 version, FINE GROUND potentiometer has two functions: first function has exactly the same make small adjustments in the manual white balance mode.
/ 2 / Set the depth of detection in AT mode: In HOURS mode (GAIN = MIN), the depth of detection is the lowest in FINE GROUND = '' - '' and the largest to GROUND END = '' + ' ', that is, with each higher level of gROUND END, the depth of detection is better, but significantly greater depth of detection is not recommended for very heavy soil conditions, because this reducing the speed of detection and the speed of recovery.
In HOURS mode, in heavy ground conditions, such as: highly mineralized soils, soils with a high content of mineral, highly mineralized sands, the job with the settings GROUND END = 1 to 5 is recommended.
In AT mode, BLISSTOOL LTC64X (THE BEAST) v6 has the highest rate of detection and the highest speed of recovery with FINE GROUND = 1 setting to 3. Therefore, usually these settings are best suited for the soil conditions particularly heavy.
[03] SWITCH AutoZone:
Unlike v5, which has three automatic stabilizers (with high level of low and medium stabilization) can be selected via the switch AUTO ZONES, the v6 has only one automatic stabilizer (with a high degree of stabilization), does not need no selection for stabilize.
To set one of three automatic zones AUTO ZONE for the automatic balancing of the soil, just the switch in GROUND MODE = AUTO). In balance mode Manual ground GROUND MODE = MAN), the function is deactivated.
Differences in the detection depth for different versions of Blisstool voice coil 11 "DD in mineralization with an average land with a 24mm coin:
For v2 = 40 cm (15.7 ")
For v2i = 43 cm (16.9 ")
For v3 = 45 cm (17.7 ")
For v4 = 52 cm (20.4 ") in the normal / 58 cm mode (22.8") in TURBO / BOOST mode.
For v5 = 52 cm (20.4 ") in normal mode, ZONE AUTO = III / 58 cm (22.8") in TURBO

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