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Jeohunter 3D MAKRO

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Metal detector futurist with new 3d technology to display images of the object found.
Technology similar to that of the GPR.
  It also has additional features before digging so you can see both the images of the object with its composition and conducting.
Giving the opportunity to know if it is gold, silver or other metals like ironbronze, or in the case of empty type tunnel or cavity ect ..

It can scan in real time.
Can immediately create the images of these detections of metals or voids that aredirectly on your computer display.
Using an advanced program algorithm that no other metal detectors or ground penetrating radar is able to operate as such.
Therefore 'are not necessary fields there will the notebook computer.
Why jeohunter has already 'everything neccessario of the series and is ready for use.


 algorithm with artificial intelligence

 real-time display of 3D images of the object

 real-time display of 2D images of the object

 images equivalent to the technology of GPR gprs

 able to save images of objects

 shows the size and depth of detected objects

 high accuracy in the detection and recognition of metals

 balance and definition of the ground and automatic settings

 High resolution digital signal

 signals highly conductive Highly Conductive Signal

 detection and identification of depth '

 real-time transmission of data on the display

 Advanced algorithm for a united 'which analyzes and interprets the most of the objects

• prevents false alarms Preventing False Alarms

 High precision in sending data to display High Accuracy in Transmitting Data

 perfect communication and operability 'Perfect Communication and Operation

 Advanced monitor already understood and requires no additional notebook

It has a good ability 'to recognize the terrain settings with automatic balancing of the ground.
  The Jeohunter has easy settings for scanning.
  Searching for objects and soil texturepowerful easy to use even in the difficult situation of land.
Provedendo to provide information relating to the ground.
  Viewing data on the screen and in this way there is no need to make additional settings for ground balance to a similar area or location.

  High precision and detection of objects with extreme speed 'algorithm in highlighting all the information of the detected objectdepth'composition, size and shape in 3d.
  The Jeohunter compare signals with many systems in memoryto detect the type of metal law spectrum processed by the algorithmand sends the detection data in the more 'precise manner to the graphics card to the monitor display bringing the three-dimensional imagegiving diameter and depth 'of the object detectedSo the Jeohunter can detect the diameterthe sizeand the depth of the objectin an accurate and representing all these details in the image.

Jeohunter and 'able to save the analysis of objects and land crawled inside to its internal memoryso that' can then be retrieved in the future for a more 'accurate vision and studywithout having to use additional and additional computer, unlike other systemsIn the table below, are interpreted all the different depth data based on the size of the objectswith added features unique of its kinddepthobject size, composition of the objectand representation in three sized properties of the shape displayed directly in monitors already in jeohunter kitFinally the jeohunter and 'a metal detector for exceptional professional prospectors who want to achieve their goals in finding things more difficult than the other devices are not able to do.


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