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Metal Detector SUPER SCANNER V Garrett

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Metal Detector Garrett SUPER SCANNER V
Metal Detector Handheld most renowned in the world

New version with audible, visual and vibration and increased working autonomy.
Trust the original, and multibrevettato superaffidabile Garrett SuperScanner V, the most widely used metal detectors Handheld world.
Created by industry leading security for more than 25 years, the SuperScanner V represents the current state of the art engineering Garrett.
• High Sensitivity: detects small handguns up to a maximum distance of 22 cm; large knives up to 15 cm; razor blades and cutter 7 cm; rolled foils containing drugs and tiny jewelry up to 3 cm.
• Auto Calibration: digital integrated microprocessor technology eliminates the need for periodic adjustments of sensitivity.
• Robust ABS: with reinforced coil compartment, complies with Mil-Std-810F (drop test) Method 516.5, procedures II and IV.z.
• Width of the glass 8 cm: for a fast and accurate control.
• Quick Change Batteries: No tool is required to replace the 9V battery included.
Kit rechargeable batteries are available as options.
• Reporting Sonore, Visual and Vibration: indicate metal detection.
• Reduce interference: at the touch of a button you can temporarily reduce the sensitivity and thus the disorders arising from large metal objects or radio interference.
• LED indicators: green LED indicates "ON"; Orange LED indicates "BATTERY"; Red LED indicates "ALARM".
• Operating temperature: from -37º to + 70º C
The market has COPIES CHINESE Super Scanner, made with potentially hazardous materials.

The evolution of the most powerful and used Metal
Handheld detector in the world
Originally designed for use in the games
the 1984 Olympic Super Scanner V is undoubtedly the metal
handheld detector most used and sought after in the world.
Super Scanner V offers exceptional performance, stability,
accuracy and very high sensitivity to detect even the objects
smaller and hidden

• Alarm Audible or Vibration: selectable.
• High Sensitivity: thanks to its extreme sensitivity, Super
V scanner is used to search for tiny arms like
blades, cutters, awls, but also guns, knives, sheaths
containing drugs.
• Detects all metals: detects weapons and metal objects and ferrous
non-ferrous metals, stainless steel and any other metal alloy.
• Autonomy and Efficiency improved: the new components
which is designed Super Scanner V ensures higher yield of
battery than all previous models.
• Robust ABS construction: including double insulation
coil to increase the impact resistance, comply with rules
Mil-Std-810F (drop test) Method 516.5, procedures II and IV.
• Ergonomic handle: for a comfortable and secure grip,
suitable for any size of hand.
• Quick Change Batteries: No tool is required for the
including 9V battery replacement.
Kit rechargeable batteries are available as options.
Switches and LEDs: positioned for easy operation and excellent visibility.

Dimensions SuperScanner V:
Width: 8.3 cm
Thickness: 4.13 cm
Length: 42 cm
Weight: 500 gr.

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