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Dèus full 9 plate WS4 pinpointer and XP backpack offer

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Sales price: € 1200,00
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Dèus full 9 plate WS4 pinpointer and XP backpack offer

Dèus metal detector complete with remote control, 22 cm (9 ") pinpointer MI-6 plate and Backpack 240 backpack, at the price of 1200.00 euros instead of 1.438.00 saving 238.00 euros.

New-concept XPlorer metal detector, completely wireless, very light and in Italian.

Full version of WS4 headphones and remote control.

Patented project based on 3 elements

• Plate, remote control and headphones have the characteristic of communicating with each other wirelessly
• Power, speed, precision, lightness and compactness are the characteristics of the brand new metal detectorXPlorer DEUS.
The programs menu and the settings are in Italian, thanks to the collaboration between XPlorer and E.B. electronic division Detector Center.
• DEUS has no wires, the information, the data of the detection, are digitized and analyzed directly at the source thanks to a miniaturized digital circuit, with a noticeable improvement in the quality of signal acquisition. This integrated circuit in the metal detector plate processes the information and sends it in real time to the headphones and to the control box via radio link.

Without the command box ... DEUS works
The headphones, alone, can control the metal detector, this makes it even lighter (875 gr).
Without the remote control it is still possible to change the settings such as: discrimination, sensitivity, earth, frequency according to the plates (4, 8, 12, 18kHz) - multi-tone, etc ...
But also recall the factory programs or those created previously with the remote control.

Telescopic "S" boom
This new ergonomic rod allows greater maneuverability and speed of research.
It closes in just 5 seconds, Deus can be transported comfortably and with very little bulk.

Search plates X35
Designed according to the latest technologies, these new high performance and versatile search plates will allow you to choose from a wide range of frequencies ranging from 3.7 kHz to 27.7 kHz.
In total there are 35 available frequencies, based on 5 main frequencies quickly accessible.
The new Boost mode is now an additional option on frequencies from 3.7 Khz to 4.4 kHz and can significantly increase the detection depth on highly conductive targets, such as large masses and large silver coins.
XP Déus metal detector features in this version
- Menu, programs and settings in Italian
- Motion search with non-motion pinpoint
- 35 total frequencies with 5 main frequencies with 7 wide intervals from 3.7 to 4.4 kHz, from 7.1 to 8.4 kHz, from 10.5 to 12.4 kHz, from 15.2 to 17.8 kHz, from 23.5 to 27.7 kHz
- Adjustable and reactive power
- Sound curve, Volume iron, Multi-tone, Notch, etc ... advanced features (Expert)
- Cancellation of soil effects
- Very precise discrimination
- Pre-set programs (Quick Start) and storage of personal programs
- Digital Wireless Communication (36 channels)
- Ultra light: 970 - 870 gr with belt controls box
- Removable control box with magnetic fixing
- Backlit graphic display
- Intuitive interface
- Standard USB connection to update software on the Internet
- Lithium 7gr lithium batteries
- Fast and smart battery charging, simultaneous charging of 3 items (charging time 90 minutes)
- Autonomy: search plate about 10 hours - remote control and headset about 20 hours
- DD plate in light and waterproof carbon fiber (size to choose from the drop down menu)

The update to version 5 also includes new headphone features, which now become more versatile!

New WS4 / WS5 wireless headset features

- Reactivity
- TX power
- Automatic terrain tracking
- Frequency offset (35 frequencies with X35 plates)
- Iron volume
- Audio response

Features of the headphones

• Type wireless headset with its own interface.
• Settings: Sense, DISCR, G, Frequency, 1, 2, 3, 4 tones, etc ...
• Preset and customizable programs
• Read, resealable
• Lithium batteries

The metal detector includes the standard equipment:

- salvapystra
- hipmount for remote control
- plate refill clips
- 220V battery charger with 3 outputs cable
- USB cable for software update

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