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waterproof to three meters for all types of terrain in all conditions
The new White's metal detector MX Sport is a very powerful and versatile, suitable for all soils, even on beaches. Perfect for finding artifacts, coins and jewelery, perfectly work in water, to a maximum depth of 3 meters.
Terrestrial headphones included
finally the first universal metal detectors for all the land of whites, the whites mx sports, light and manneggevole extremely solid and well balanced in weight, extendable rod makes it suitable for any physical structure allowing easy use even for women and children. Important: interchangeable batteries in a minute, to continue the research work and not remain standing in the middle of 'adventure. It is distinguished by a more modern technology and the operating frequency from 14kHz about mxt technology, but taking full advantage of the power of the IB signal induction balance whites new technology, with the addition to the use of a latest generation processor and exploiting the incredible definition the signal of the brand new 10DD plate, gaining significantly in the definition of small and thin objects. Fast audio response that helps to recognize objects in addition to the digital display, is distinguished by the breadth and brilliant sound quality and helps in a practical way in the definition of 'objective, the discrimination capability enhances the qualities of this detector facilitating research in areas with high density of waste and designed special for war research militaria and gold jewelery coins in all mineralized ground, the beach, the mountains ect ...
detection of the depth of the detected object: Once detected a target appears on the screen the estimated depth without any additional operation !!
Target I.D .: the display shows the nature of the 'object and also displays the entry visa of the material identification number found to have more precise still, before digging
various types of research already preset and 8 Range of discrimination: you can calibrate your metal on the basis of research that want to trade by eliminating or accepting various types of increasing scale signals
sensitivity adjustment: Optimizes deep research based on mineralized soils and environmental disturbances. PinPoint in the All-Metal mode: Allows you to locate your goal in no time with a surgical precision. Just press the pad !, well-mode 'pinpoint the coinmaster detects the type of metal, unique of its kind.
Coil Spider (Spider): from 10DD inch Waterproof.


Type of Use All land
It impermeability
Up to 3 meters underwater.
Weight 1.8 kg.
Auction Dimmable Yes
Minimum length Assembled 116 cm.
Assembled Maximum Length 135 cm.
Charging Batteries Not Included
8 x AA batteries
Headphones connector 1/4 "
Adjustable elbow rests
Strap Included Elbow Rests
Mounting Control Box Fixed
Number of Frequencies 1
Frequencies 13.9 kHz
Warranty 2 Years
Instruction Manual in Italian
Video In English instructions
Plate size 10 "
Elliptical shaped plate
Type plate Drilled
Technology Plate DD
Interchangeable plate It
Waterproof plate It
Underwater plate It
Plates Optional Available
Type LCD display
Number of Search Mode 7
Type Search Mode All Metal, Beach, Coin / Jewelry, High Trash, Pinpoint, Prospecting, Relics
Single Frequency VLF technology
Adjustable discrimination
Adjustable threshold
Adjustable sensitivity
Balance of Land (Manual) You
Balance of Land (Auto) Yes
Subject identification (ID) is
Object ID Programmable It
Number of Segments Object ID 20
Depth indication is
Pinpoint It
volume Adjustable
Low Battery It
Exclusive features Variable Self Adjusting Threshold (V / SAT), Screen Backlight, Tone Identification

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