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DEUS II WS6 28 and Bone Xplorer Headphones - USED -

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DEUS II WS6 28 and Bone Xplorer Headphones - USED -

Dèus II metal detector with ws WS6 headphones, 28 cm (11") coil and bone conduction headphones used but like new, bought in September 2022 still with 4 and a half years warranty.

XPlorer Dèus II metal detector with WS6 headphones and 28 cm (11") coil. XP DEUS 2 the first wireless metal detector with fast and simultaneous multi-frequency technology. Unique features and performance.


XP pushes the boundaries once again by creating the first multi-frequency wireless metal detector with unique features and performance.

Once paired, the search coil, remote, headphones and pinpointer communicate wirelessly and without latency using XP's patented radio protocol system. This means that the target signals generated by the search coil are transmitted quickly to the headphones without any delay, giving the DEUS II unprecedented speed and accuracy. DEUS II performs very well on all terrains and conditions, both on land and at sea, thanks to the FMF® (Fast Multi Frequency) technology.

DEUS II the first multi-frequency wireless metal detector with unique features and performance:

• FMF® Fast Multi Frequency: simultaneous multifrequencies with fast target response.

Choose Fast and Simultaneous Multi Frequency programs or choose from 49 individual frequencies from 4 to 45 kHz.

• Ultra efficient.

• Completely wireless.

• Even lighter and more ergonomic (from 750 g).

• Designed for both land and sea searches.

DEUS II is waterproof up to 20 meters, IP68 protection degree, so you can also search underwater, making the most of the performance of your DEUS II metal detector.

• Three optional wireless headphones

• Innovative waterproof bone conduction headphones with IP68 protection - 20m.

• Waterproof search coil and remote control with IP 68 protection - 20m - Target display indicates when submerged

• Shockproof remote control entirely covered in rubber.

• Better identification of targets in the ground.

• Improved audio interface: choice of audio tones, four amplified audio outputs, adjustable multi-band equalizer on each output: loudspeaker, wireless and wired headphones, bone conduction headphones.

• DEUS II is built to last: five-year parts and labor warranty, USB upgrades.

Remote control (RC)

2 factory programs to adapt to all terrains in all conditions! The control module, also known as a remote control or RC, allows you to adjust the internal settings of the DEUS II. It can be fixed on the rod or placed in a pocket. The remote is not required if you choose to use the WS6 as the "master" to control the detector.

WS6 headphones

The WS6 headphones are not simple wireless headphones, but can be used as a control unit for the metal detector. Without the remote, the WS6 headphones can be a self-contained unit and connect to the search coil for a highly ergonomic and lightweight setup. The WS6 module can be detached and mounted on the pole to make the most of the screen, target display and all settings.


Features Radio DEUS II

- XP connection, digital wireless

- 36 automatic channels

Radio frequency specifications

Radio link:

- Frequency from 2.40 to 2.48 GHz - Power


- Frequency from 3.9 to 135.7 KHz

- Power <72dBµA/m at 10m

- DEUS II features / settings

- Detection frequencies: Simultaneous multifrequency (40dBµA/m at 10m) or 49 single frequencies of your choice from 4 to 45 kHz.

- Sensitivity: 99 levels

- Sound type: different sound options, PWM, SQUARE, etc.

- Audio volume: 10 levels for each audio output

- Responsiveness: 9 levels (0 / 0.5 / 1 / 1.5 / 2 / 2.5 / 3/4/5)

- Audio response: 8 levels

- Iron volume: 6 levels

- Multi Tone: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Pitch and Full Tone 1 and 2 + Espero mode

- Ground balance: tracking, grip, manual

- Multi-Notch: Yes, with adjustable window width

- Non-motion mode - Pinpoint: Yes, with and without Autotune - Audio and video

- Discrimination: Audio and visual rejection of ferrous bottle cap on 5 levels / Silencer

- Threshold: Adjustable audio threshold and frequency

- Equalizer: 4 bands configurable on each audio output

- Programs: 12 factory programs + 12 user programs

- Backlight: adjustable to 20 levels, very low power consumption

- General characteristics DEUS II

- Display screen: 8192 pixels

- Software update: yes, via USB/Internet connection

- Optional wireless headphones: WS6 (rain resistant) - WSAII (rain resistant) - WSAII XL (IP 68-1m)

- Optional wireless plates: DD 22.5cm-9'' / 28cm-11'' / 34x28cm-13'x11'' (fully waterproof 20m - 66 ft)

- Plate saver: yes

- Hipmount for remote control: yes

- Headphone pouch: Yes (WS6, WSA II)

- Pole: fully telescopic, "S" shape, ergonomic


remote control battery life: ~15 to 30 hours depending on which audio output is activated

- Wireless headphones battery life: ~15 hours WSAII / WS6

- Battery life of the wireless plate: from 8 hours to 20 hours depending on the programs and frequencies

- Charger: depending on the version, Input 100-220V 50/60Hz, Output 5V- 1A max

- Car charger: optional

- Bone conduction headphones: IP68 waterproof - 20m - 66ft (optional)

- Charging time: ~ 3 hours

Total weight of detector with batteries: see product page for details on each version

- Rod weight: 370 g (S-Telescopic) - 305 g (S-Telescopic lite)

- Remote control weight with battery: 150 g

- Headset weight with battery: WS6 82 g - WSA II 72 g - WSA II XL 250 g

- Search coil weight: 22.5cm- 9'' 345g - 28cm-11'' 470g - 34x28cm-13'x11'' 570g

- Length of the rod closed: 58 cm

- Extended rod length: 130cm

- Operating temperature: from 0 to +40°C

- Maximum ambient temperature in charge: from 0 to +40°C

- Recommended storage temperature: 25°C

- Waterproof Search Coil: IP 68 - 20m - 66ft, * requires optional antenna when search coil is submerged

- Warranty: 5 years parts and labor. Batteries, chargers and connectors have a 2 year warranty


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