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Analyzers Frequencies

Equipment for Detection of High and Low Frequency and Electromagnetic Radiation

Human exposure to electromagnetic fields (electrosmog) is a relatively recent issue that takes considerable interest with the massive introduction of telecommunication systems (cellular), the data transmission systems and computer (wi-fi, wireless, monitor) and distribution electricity (power). In reality, even in the absence of such systems we are constantly immersed in electromagnetic fields for all those natural phenomena attributable to electromagnetic nature, first of all the 'solar radiation. Our detectors of electromagnetic fields are the ideal tools for proper measurement of electromagnetic radiation.

Analyzers Frequencies

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RF-Analyser HF35C

€ 385,00
inc. tax:€ 69,43
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RF-Analyser HF38B

€ 600,00
inc. tax:€ 108,20
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RF-Analyser HF58B

€ 1030,00
inc. tax:€ 185,74
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RF-Analyser HF58B-r

€ 1195,00
inc. tax:€ 215,49
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RF-Analyser HF59B

€ 1318,00
inc. tax:€ 237,67
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