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Emergency Rescue

Emergency Rescue GSE 600 ~ 5500 VA

GSE Emergency Emergency Response Groups are professional equipment for civil and industrial installations where it is necessary to guarantee uninterrupted power supply of single-phase equipment to cover any temporary power shortages and to ensure the proper operation of the connected electrical systems.
GSE Rescuers comply with RoHS Directives and are covered by 2 Year Warranty.
Why Choose a GSE System?
It is economical because the costs of GSE systems are repaying abundantly already from early use. It guarantees the proper and continuous operation of security systems such as anti-intrusion, fire-fighting, smoke and gas detectors, and so on, if electricity is lost. Avoid discomfort to the user as it is able to guarantee electrical energy for lighting, the operation of heating systems, the operation of mechanized systems such as rolling shutters or gates, irrigation systems, etc. It is safe because the user has no Absolutely access to the live parts. It is not necessary to add more electric lines, as it is integrable with existing ones. Needs minimal maintenance, as the electronics do not require it, and only the batteries should be periodically checked to check their efficiency.
GSE systems are fully automatic because they are fully managed by a high performance microprocessor that can control:

- Lack of network power and the need to use battery power.
- Battery type control (acid or gel etc.) and charge status.
- Charging should be done as little as possible in relation to battery type and life.
- Visualization of simple acoustic and visual messages.
- The amperometric protection system.
- Power outlet disconnection of the outlet for excessive electrical absorption.
- Automatic reset of the outlet.
- A free contact for remote alarm signal

Emergency Rescue

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