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Bifrost 2000 Underwater torch Ragnarok

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Bifrost 2000 Underwater torch Ragnarok

Led Flashlight Underwater with 2000 Lumen Power
Quality and attention to detail are the hallmarks of Ragnarök Bifrost 2000 factory.
Designed to operate in all the typical conditions of the Mediterranean basin.
The light beam is generated by 3 Cree Led XML-2 U2, which provide an average light beam, moderately penetrating in unclear water, but sufficiently wide to be able to identify from above preys or of day.
Ragnarok Bifrost 2000 is optimal for fishing for cod or turbot near rocks, among the seaweed. The ignition of Bifrost 2000 takes place via slide switch, which can simply be operated through the use of the thumb, by adjusting the light intensity of 0 to 100%.
Serial, the torch is supplied with 2 rechargeable batteries 4000 mAh Li-ion 26650, able to provide 2 hours and 20 minutes at full power light, but may be replaced by batteries Panasonic 5200 mAh, in order to obtain more than 3 hours of continuous light at 100% power.
All materials and components of Ragnarök torches were chosen and assembled to meet all the needs that spearfishing imposes, creating powerful and handy flashlights, used by only one hand, even with very thick gloves.

Technical specifications:
• 3 Led Cree XML-U2 2, Max Power 1950 Lumen
• LED Life 50,000 hours +
• Batteries: 2 Li-ion Rechargeable
• Batteries Power: 3.7 V - 4000 mAh
• Endcap current: 2000 mA
• Power: 5 W (15 W total)
• Autonomy: with standard batteries, 2 hours and 20 min. to 100% power
• Dimmer: 0 to 100%
• Submersible up to 90 meters.
• Reflector: aluminum, angle 15 °
• Body: anodized marine Aluminum
• Grip: TPR
• Weight: 500 gr.
• Housing diameter: 33 mm.
• Head diameter: 50 mm.
• Total length: 22.5 cm.

• Underwater torch Bifrost 2000
• 2 Li-Ion 26650, 4000 mAh, 3.7V
• Charger 220V
• of traporto ABS case
• Operating and maintenance manual

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