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Our company makes car doors metal detectors, metal detectors for hidden weapons control, x-ray, for the safety of banks, airports, prisons events and conferences; And metal detector hobby with or without operator, to search for items lost in the ground or water, drainage fields, grounds and turf from scrap metal.

Car doors, metal and x-rays.

For the rental of doors metal detectors, metal detectors for hidden weapons or x-ray control, short-term or long-term, you can contact us for a free quote.

Rental metal hobby

For rental of metal hobby operator with our rates we are:

50,00 EUR plus VAT per hour (with a minimum payment of an hour though is not reached, then the rest is split), plus 50 cents plus tax per km, (plus tolls) with a minimum of 10,00 EUR  plus VAT.

For hire without operator (ask availability) are 50,00 Euros per day for metal detectors land, or 80.00 euro per day for underwater metal detector, plus you have to pay the amount of the value of the metal rented, which will be returned upon return of the metal holding the figure for the rental days (at the cost mentioned above must be added the eventual shipment of return of metal detector 30.00 €)

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