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SecurSCAN XRC 60-40 P

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SecurSCAN XRC 60-40 P
Control system to X-rays
Professional system for multi-energy X-ray control of suitcases, luggage, parcels and packages of small to medium sized in general (max size 60x40 cm.); allows the identification of organic and inorganic materials, including explosives and drugs and the detection of weapons, starting devices and dangerous objects that can create security risks. The technology allows to represent multienergy of video, according to a color code in predetermined, the nature of the various materials that make up the scanned objects contained in the luggage, for example: the organic materials are presented in orange color, metal ones in blue color, the other materials inorganic green and non-penetrable material in black. The management software, completely in Italian, is easy to use while ensuring the most complete management of the images received from the scanning X-ray The representation of the luggage is no shadow zones, and it is possible to report real-time automatic ( with moving belt) the presence of dangerous objects (weapons, knives, saws, etc....) with adjustable threshold.
• Overall dimensions: 146 x 86 x 131 cm. (WxDxH)
• Dimensions Tunnel Inspection: 61 x 42 cm. (WxH)
• Overall Weight: 500 kg.
• Conveyor speed: 0.20 m / sec.
• lifting capacity tape Transp .: 165 kg.distribuiti
• Ground clearance Ribbon Transp .: 79 cm.
• Power supply: 230 VAC +/- 10% / 60-50 Hz
• Dimensions with packaging: 163 x 106 x 155 cm.
• Shipping Weight: 600 Kg.
X-ray generator, and image performance
• Steel Penetration: 30 mm. Guaranteed, 33 mm. Typical
• Spatial Resolution: 38AWG Guaranteed, 40 AWG Typical
• Cooling: A sealed oil bath
• Anode voltage: 150 kV, operating at 147 Kv
• Tube Current: 0.7 mA
• Direction X-rays: Vertical from top
Options x-ray generator with high penetration (XRC-6040P- HP version) • Steel Penetration: 33 mm. Guaranteed, 35 mm. Typical
• Spatial Resolution: 38AWG Guaranteed, 40 AWG Typical
• Cooling: A sealed oil bath
• Anode voltage: 170 kV, operating at 160 Kv
• Tube Current: 1.0 mA
• Direction X-rays: Vertical from top......


• Multi Energy Imaging (4-6 colors)
• Measurement of Atomic number
• Function Perfect Vision (PV)
• Function Edge Enhancement (EE)
• Function Black / White (B / W)
• Separation elements Organic and Inorganic (OM / IM)
• Function Pseudo Colors (PS)
• Visual Inverse Function (IN)
• Function High Penetration (HP)
• Function Variable Edge Clarification (+ E / -E)
• Variable Color Separation (+ C / -C)
• Variable Contrast Level (+ G / -G)
• Variable Density Zoom (+ D / -D)
• Zoom and Image Processing in Real Time (64x)
• Images Luggage previous memory
• Picture Manual and Automatic
Storage • First in First out (FIFO)
• Programmable Feature operator
• Counting total and partial Luggage
• Indicators Date and Time
• UPS (computer)
• Flat panel LCD Monitor
• Function objects threat projection images (TIP)
• Distress Alert for objects Inorganic
• Distress Alert for objects Organic
• Operator Training Program (OTP)
• Alarm Luggage Suspects
• UPS for one hour of autonomy.
• Remote Console Operator.
• Roller input and output
• Dual Monitor

(Version XRC-6040P- HP)
Steel Penetration: 33 mm. Guaranteed, 35 mm. Typical
Spatial Resolution: 38AWG Guaranteed, 40 AWG Typical
Anode voltage: 170 kV, operating at 160 Kv
Tube Current: 1.0 mA
Processor: Intel Core i3 2120
Monitor: 21 "color LED
Memory: 2GB RAM min.
Video Card: 1GB min.
Hard Drive: 500GB min.
USB port: 6 doors min.
Operating System: Linux
Storage Temperature: -20 ° to + 60 ° C
Operating Temperature: -10 ° to + 50 ° C
Relative humidity: 5-95%
• CEI and IEC competence
• Presidential Decree 230/95 and its implementing decrees.
• Guidelines ECAC.
• Recommendations TSA.
• European Regulation. 781/05.
• CE mark.
It meets all published international standards, including those USFDA, Center for Devices and Radiation Health, performance standards for X-ray systems (Federal Standard 21 CFR 1020.40). Loss typical of radiation less than 0.1mR / hr, compared with a loss of up to 0.5mR / hr permitted by the Federal Standard. Guaranteed protection for high speed films up to ISO 1600.

• Steel and metal incorporating the tunnel inspection, the management PC, the RX generator, power electronics, acquisition and management of the image and the two arrays of photodiode array. At the entrance and exit of the tunnel are positioned special tendon leaded anti RX to provide operators the best possible protection against ionizing radiation.
• The double conveyor belt direction of travel, is driven by an inverter controlled motor-driven roller.
• X-ray generator at high frequency. Integrated, in a sealed container (monoblock) with a X-ray tube at low filtration. The monoblock is supplied with forced ventilation system and cooling oil, integrated on the container, to ensure continuous operation of the generator even at maximum power.
• Two or more arrays of arrays of photodiodes low noise that acquire the information found in X-rays
• Emergency buttons to stop the emission of X rays and the movement of the tape in case of danger, placed at the entrance and exit of the tunnel and on the control console.
• Computer for the management of the system and for the acquisition and processing of images. The operating system (LINUX) must allow you to have a man - machine interface intuitive, completely in Italian, multitasking and predisposition to networking. Access to the system is protected by user-id and password, and is organized on different levels of privilege.
• Availability of 2 or more USB ports for connecting external devices.
• Control panel ergonomic touch type control, which manages the state (on / off) of the machine, the movement of the belt and image processing.
• A professional LCD monitor (optional second monitor) with metal container, 1 Full-ID resolution for Ia presentation of B / W images and color.
• Management software multilingual, already set to ITALIAN.
• Automatic archiving of the working sessions in raw form, to review them and revise them later.
• Archive images chosen by the operator of HDD (up to 100,000 images) png format.
• Save images and sessions on external storage media (USB optional).
• Self-diagnosis system that displays the fault screen.
• Light signal emission of rays in the course placed on the ends of the tunnel.
• Human-machine with time, date, 2 contabagagli (one resettable and one overall), time duration of the work session and lD operator
• Import / export data with USB key.
• Setting parameters using the system, even remotely.
• Export / Import database users and export reports functioning machine.
• Ability to change the direction of flow of images,
• Provision for connection to the printer.
• Designed for networking.......


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