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SecurSCAN XRC 75-55

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SecurSCAN XRC 75-55

control system to X-rays

Professional multi-energy X-ray system for the inspection of suitcases, luggage, parcels and parcels of medium to large size in general (max size 75x55 cm.); allows the identification of organic and inorganic materials, including explosives and drugs and the detection of weapons, starting devices and dangerous objects that can create security risks.
The multi-energy technology allows to represent on video, in a specific color code, the nature of different scanned materials that make up the objects in the luggage, for example, organic materials are represented in orange color, metal ones in blue, the other materials inorganic green and non-penetrable material in black.
The management software, completely in the Italian language, it is easy to use while ensuring the most complete management of images received by the scanning X-ray
The representation of the luggage is no gray areas, and it is possible the real-time automatic signaling (with the moving belt) the presence of dangerous objects (weapons, knives, saws, etc....) With adjustable threshold.

Physical properties
• Overall Dimensions: 215 x 102 x 147 cm. (WxDxH)
• Dimensions Inspection Tunnel: 75 x 55 cm. (WxH)
• Overall weight: 900 kg.
• Conveyor speed: 0.20 m / sec.
• Load capacity tape Transp .: 165 kg. evenly distributed
• Ground clearance Transp Ribbon .: 81 cm.
• Power supply: 230 VAC +/- 10% / 60-50 Hz
• Dimensions with packaging: 229 x 122 x 203 cm.
• Shipping Weight: 1000 Kg.
of x-ray generator, and image performance
• Steel Penetration: 30 mm. Guaranteed, 33 mm. typical
• Spatial Resolution: 38AWG Guaranteed, 40 AWG Typical
• Cooling: A sealed oil bath
• Anode voltage: 150 Kv, operating at 147 Kv
• Tube Current: 0.7 mA
• Direction X-rays: from Vertical
high-penetration x-ray generator options
(XRC-7555- HP version) • Steel Penetration: 33 mm. Guaranteed, 35 mm. typical
• Spatial Resolution: 38AWG Guaranteed, 40 AWG Typical
• Cooling: A sealed oil bath
• Anode voltage: 170 Kv, operating at 160 Kv
• Tube Current: 1.0 mA
• Direction X-rays: from Vertical

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