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This is a terracotta art reproduction of a Corinthian Skiphos with two handles. This reproduction is made entirely by hand, turned and graffitied by local artists. To obtain this result, it is cooked twice with ancient techniques, which the local master potters have managed to discover after many attempts to reproduce these vases.

They are also artificially patinated by hand to give the object an "antique" effect, even if the decorations imitate the originals of the vases found in the Etruscan tombs of Cerveteri and other Etruscan necropolises, they are the result of the work and ingenuity of every master potter, and each work is unique and different from the other, they may seem similar but they are not.

The skyphos (in Greek: σκύφος, skyphos, plural skyphoi, also known in Italian as scifo) is a type of Greek vase, a deep drinking cup with two small handles, usually horizontal, set just below the rim; the foot is low or absent altogether. According to the literary sources it seems possible that in antiquity the term was used in a similar way to the modern nomenclature. The term kotyle (plural kotylai - from the Greek κοτύλη) is also frequently used, which in ancient times designated a cup in the sense and of a generic shape. The kotyle was also an ancient unit of volume. The shape of the skyphos varies over time, starting from the protogeometric, and according to the areas of production. The basic shape is stabilized with the Corinthian skyphos of the 7th century BC, characterized by thin walls, inward curved edge, small handles and a ring foot. The Greek-oriental typology of the bird bowl develops from some late geometric specimens with a larger reservoir. In the attic, the skyphos takes on slightly thicker walls, with sturdy handles and a bull foot. A second type frequent in Attic red figures, and often decorated with an owl, is that with handles of different shapes, one vertical and one horizontal, with a more tapered recess in the lower part and with a smaller foot. The shape called cup-skyphos has the main characteristics of the skyphos, but with lugs that fold upwards and a slightly convex hem as in the kylikes. Famous vascular form of Greek literature, it is in fact the vase from which Polyphemus drinks milk in Book IX of the Odyssey. [Source wikipedia]

This reproduction of SKIPHOS CORINZIA with two handles is 7.4 cm high, with a foot of 2.8 cm and with a footprint of 14 cm from handle to handle, features drawings of animals and flowers in almost the entire surface of the vase, with handmade artificial patination, like everything else, reference number 26

This is a unique piece, entirely turned, graffitied, baked and patinated by hand.

This reproduction travels with a certificate issued by our shop where it is certified that this vase is an artistic reproduction of a Corinthian Skiphos vase, in the certificate there are photos of the vase, the day of purchase and the receipt or invoice number ( on request).

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