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Access Control Terminals Door Opener Series Smart Kit xFinger PRO

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Access Control Terminals Door Opener Series Smart Kit xFinger PRO

Why install an access control terminal?
Using an access control terminal is essential for companies, offices or public bodies that must monitor the entry and exit of personnel within the structure. In particular, it is possible to keep track of all employee movements thanks to the use of simple bracelets, key rings or RFID cards.
In an access control terminal it is possible to set a series of access rules for people and time slots.
The classic example is that of an employee who with his badge is authorized to open the entrance gate to the plant but is not authorized to access the warehouse or the data center.

Would you like to control the accesses inside your facility?
The best solution for employee access control is our electronic access control security systems.
A powerful and flexible tool to manage the access of employees, customers, guests and visitors. It minimizes the risk of intrusions, reducing surveillance costs. Our devices are perfectly interfaceable with PC.

Kit xFinger PRO

Biometric Access Control and fingerprint acquisition device via PC
- Access control M6-PRO
- LF-30 fingerprint detector
- SC012 door opener module
- RFID reader
- Suitable for outdoor use
- Time Studio software supplied

The KIT xFinger PRO is suitable for realities in which people have access control through fingerprint recognition (biometric verification) and where the number of employees is high (medium or large companies).

The LF-30 detector allows the acquisition of fingerprints quickly, quickly and highly reliably, directly from the PC with the Time Studio software installed (included).

In this way it will no longer be necessary to record employee fingerprints from the iAccess M6 door opener device, but simply acquire them using the appropriate reader LF-30 (included), and then send them to the device from the Time Studio software.

The xFinger Kit is composed of:
- Access control M6-PRO
- LF30 fingerprint reader
- SC-012 High security door opener module

Why use the SC-012 door release module?
Thanks to the SC-012 module you will have a burglar-proof system since the opening of the passage is authorized by this module which is positioned on the internal side and therefore cannot be reached.
Time Studio employee attendance management software allows you to:
- quickly obtain the complete list of people present in the company
- obtain reports on door openings (access to different departments) that can also be filtered to the individual employee (useful in structured companies with many departments)

Essential Specifications
- Integrated biometric fingerprint reader
- 125 KHz RFID badge or keychain reader
- Integrated LAN network card
- iAccess Time Studio management software with unlimited license
- TimeZone functionality for entrance time control
- Door release relay
- User recognition time: about 0.5 sec.
- Register up to 3000 users and store up to 50,000 passes
- Dimensions: 50 x 124 x 34.5 mm. WxHxD
- Supply voltage: DC 12V
- Temperature from -30 ° C to 60 ° C
- Humidity: 20 to 90% without condensation
- Degree of protection IP65
- Wiegand Encripted or Wiegand 26 communication

Data sheet
- Recognition Users With Footprints
- Vandal-proof protection, Indoor and Outdoor (IP65)
- Time Studio Software User Management
- LAN communication
- Display No.
- Speech synthesis No
- User recognition time less than 0.5 seconds
- LAN or USB data download
- Number of recordable users 3000
- Number of recordable passages 50000
- Backup battery for data storage No
- Automatic input / output change No
- Automatic summer / winter time change No
- "Time Zone" function Yes
- DC12V power supply
- OPTIONAL 12V power supply
- Indoor / Outdoor use environment
- Humidity 10-80% without condensation
- Dimensions 50 x 124 x 34.5 mm. (WxHxD)
- 2 year guarantee
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